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I expect to receive a final proof of “Then There Is No Mountain -An American Memoir” in the next few days. Assuming all is well, then I should be able to provide advance copies in both print and digital form shortly thereafter.

I plan to wait for a wider release until I get some reviews back from critics. If I get favorable, useful reviews, I’ll want to add them to promotional materials.

I got a very complimentary response from Michael Wallis, who has read the manuscript. Michael is the bestselling author of approximately 17 books, including “Route 66: The Mother Road”, and “Pretty Boy”, the biography of outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd. Here is what he says about “Then There Is No Mountain”:

“When asked about overcoming writer’s block, Ernest Hemingway famously said that, ‘All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.’ If that is accurate, and I know it is, then Richard Higgs need never worry. His book, Then There is No Mountain — An American Memoir, does not contain one false word.  In a series of compelling stories that move seamlessly through time and place, Higgs lays bare his soul by sharing episodes of his life pilgrimage from picking cherries and climbing mountains to spending time in jail and battling cancer. Much like Jack Kerouac and Edward Abbey, this is an author who truly knows the importance of movement and that complete calm is certain death. And he is also a man who lives by the belief that the journey, not the destination is what really matters.”

I’m grateful to Mr. Wallis for his kind words. It means a lot to me that he liked “Then There Is No Mountain”.